pykinematics: 3D hip joint angle estimation

pykinematics is an open-source Python package for estimating hip kinematics using both novel Magnetic and Inertial Measurement Unit (MIMU) wearable sensors and existing Optical Motion Capture (OMC) algorithms. The novel MIMU algorithms have been validated against OMC, and include novel methods for estimating sensor-to-sensor relative orientation and sensor-to-segment alignment.


The novel MIMU algorithms in pykinematics were validated against OMC in a healthy human subject population. Detailed results and description of those novel algorithms can be found in [1].


pykinematics is open source software distributed under a GNU GPL-3.0 license.


  1. Adamowicz, R. Gurchiek, J. Ferri, A. Ursiny, N. Fiorentino, and R. McGinnis. “Novel Algorithms for Estimating Relative Orientation and Hip Joint Angles from Wearable Sensors.” Sensors. Under-review.

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